Packed, printed, and ready to go.

Things always look different on paper, you know. Especially when you are massively overcharged for the wrong paper.

The missed errors always rise right up to the fore. Go figure.

P.S. it is HOT today. made more so by my last bit of cleaning, but HOT nonetheless.

I love summer.

I have music, documents, and pdfs loaded up on my phone and various removable media. I believe I am ready for the show.

Also, very much ready for my next meal. Going to cook two at once, and eat the next on the plane many hours from now. Day 10 is going well so far, and tomorrow’s day 11 should be very interesting indeed.

I may or may not be posting from the road. If I do, it will be from someone else’s machine.

If I don’t , I’ll see you when I get back. Unless, of course, you are among the many people I will bee seing in just a few hours.


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