I don’t say this a lot

But this rain delay in the 6th Inning is utter bullcrap. MLB has artificially extended this game to force a continuance. The game should have been postponed either before or after the completed 5th inning, when the Phillies had a lead. Instead, the game was prolonged until exactly when the Rays have tied it.

Should this game not continue tonight, the game counts as Suspended, and the remaining 3.5 innings will be made up tomorrow. When it will rain harder. Before last year, the rules indicated that the unanswered run in the 6th would have been wiped away, and the Phillies would have won the game.

And the series.

What was done tonight is not the last straw by far. The game can endure a lot of crap thrown at and on it. This steaming mess is just another bad call in a week long example of bad calls.

But there is an important thing to remember.

The series is over. The Phillies have won.

Everything else we see is Exhibition baseball.

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