Wednesday words

Today was a day of great job searching, with the accumulated emails of hte entire weekend hitting all at once. Apparently there was some sort of snag in the series of tubes.

On the bright side, lots of interesting prospects for paying me D0LL4R$. Since I have needs, this will be a welcome addition to the needs fund.

I have decided to give Netflix another try, since they are taking pains to improve their Blu-Ray shipping methods. I Am Legend is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, and I will take a break from writing (or not writing, as the case may be) fiction about dark, horrible things to watch the latest movie adaptation of one of the best SF books of the 20th century.

I hear it’s good.

Not much in the sleep department these last few days, hoping to remedy the situation in the next few minutes. This AM, in lieu of comfy bed repose, I ran through MegaMan 2, one of the finest video games of all time. The NES still holds its own against far more expensive and complicated systems after 25 years, and it looks amazing on my large-ass ™ Screen.

In other news, Day 10 has been good, and day 11 is tomorrow. Afterward begins the long, slow descent into Holiday gains, which I am hoping to stave off with a careful application of abbreviated cycles. There is a weekend event from now until the Middle of January.

That’s a long time to weigh exactly teh same as I have weighed (more or less) all year Bread addiction has me in it’s vile, evil grip. I must break free.

But, but, it’s so very tasty.

Shut up, you. Bread = Bad, no matter how much whole grain, full-flavored goodness hides within.

Tired now, sleeping.

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