so get this

this is not an actual “update, so you know what he’s been doing the last month or so” post, but this one could not possibly rest easy on me.

Go ahead and click it. I’ll wait.

Really, click it. It’s alright to read.

have you clicked it yet?

Now that you’ve clicked it, you know that Joss has thrown in the metaphorical towel by pinning his hopes to a lead in show on Friday night, 9 PM.

The last time this happened, you may remember it.

It was called Firefly. And its original lead in was a show also starring Dominic Purcell (one of the leads of Prison Break, which was canceled at about the same time in the season.

In favor of Re-runs of a show that was itself canceled earlier in the year.

if’n you like the Dollhouse, tune in live for the next month or so. Or the DVD set you buy around the time of SDCC may well have the descriptor “The Complete Series.”

(the preceding is a non-paid rant regarding network television scheduling practices in the United States of America. No promotional fee was given for this broadband time, and the opinions expressed here in no way reflect on anyone who can actually make a difference regarding what you see. the polito form is bread, insects)

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