Some things just really piss me off. Sometimes, it's funny, sometimes, like Marvin, I get verry, verry ANGRY.

And you just have to let it out. But at times, the process leads into a fruitful discussion of important things. So I'm going to write the things that bother me down. If they still make sense afterwards, I'll post them here. There may also be a few things posted by those close to me. Or at least their opinions on the things of which I speak.

Here's what I've got so far. I'll try to assign them a date and time, but I am lazy, so maybe I won't.

Nov, 2002

Luke Skywalker is a Hillbilly Cracker, and he sucks rocks

Feb, 2004

Remote controls are like leg irons, and they suck rocks

Mar, 2004

Belief systems strangle Western culture, and they suck hypothetical rocks

May, 2004

Wacky Java internet tests are only one step up from SPAM, and they suck rocks

May, 2004

Seattle Mariners Front Office sucks rocks, and I'm tired of it.

June, 2004

Seattle Mariners third basemen can't hit water with a paddle, and they suck rocks.

July, 2004

Movie studios are greedy, lazy, and greedy, and they suck rocks.

August, 2004

Phone monkeys are supercilious and obsequious, and they suck rocks.

October, 2004

Cheap ass bleeping razors bleeping suck.

October, 2004

Modern Political races are trite and boring, and they suck rocks.

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