How it works

In case you were wondering.

I eat four times a day. The meals cycle through carbs, proteins, fibrous vegetables, and foods containing “good” fats, so that my body is perpetually burning fat I don’t need. There is of course a certain amount of essential fat that the human body keeps in reserve, which is more or less untouched by this process. Carried to extreme, I’m sure I’d burn it all, but I have a pretty good handle on when it’s time for some extra intake.

My body tells me.

I also drink a large amount of water each day. A massive portion of the water you take in is used for essential processes like digestion and respiration, and without it, you do neither well. 10-12 glasses is necessary to keep the body’s systems working at the level you’ll need to burn the stored fat.

Plus, it’s just a good idea.

Do. Not. Cheat.

Ever. Every day you cheat, or eat a meal high in fats, is three days of the plan wasted. After 11 days, you can eat whatever the hell you want, so why waste the time beforehand?

You’ll note that I eat hamburgers and pastrami sandwiches on a pretty regular basis. I don’t cheat, because I don’t have to.

Also, no beer. One (1) glass of wine a day with “dinner.” I have found that Rum and Diet Coke doesn’t slow the process too terrible much, but you’ll want to drink one glass of water for every one you throw down your gullet. Not only will you drink fewer of them, but you won’t be dealing as harshly with the extra calories the rum is adding to your life. While decidedly low in carbs, Rum is essentially a processed sugar, and not the best thing in the world to be processing while you’re trying to work off those candy bars.

Do yourself a favor, and listen to your body. I did.

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