Everything you’ve never wanted to know about the Bhagwan

1Through mischance, misadventure, or by intelligent and informed design, you have arrived at the web site of one Scott James Magner.

“Who is this man?”, you might ask. “What’s a Bhagwan?” might also tease the tip of your tongue. There are as many answers to these questions as there are ways to avoid answering them. I am an Author, Writer (the two are different), Designer, Analyst, Organizational consultant, Creator of Things and Doer of Stuff. I currently reside in the Seattle Metroplex area, and frequently/occasionally/sometimes attend science fiction/fantasy, hobby gaming and video game industry conventions, both as a professional and a fan.

On these pages are essays, pictures, blog posts and links to all things me and mine. There is no public site map, but I think you’ll find the process of discovery enjoyable. I have some “top-level” pages designed to hit what I feel are important things about me, but this site has been running for a few years, and its contents reflect a lot of who I was, am, and plan to be.

If you’re like me, just reading through a website of self-serving narcissism is about as boring as a boring thing can be. Much like the previous sentence, they are often awkwardly constructed, with little logical design.

Over the years, this site has been all of these things, but the purpose of it has never changed. It’s a portal to me, to the things I think are important at a specific moment in my life. In this space, there is one overriding theme to every page, picture, or piece of prolific prose previously posted.

It’s all about me.

And who doesn’t like talking about themselves, really.

So let’s get talking