The Olden Days

This site has been up in one form or another for a lot of years. Over that time, it’s gone through a few major shits in focus and design, so much so that some of the old pages make little sense when compared to today’s fast paced social media environment.

So I’m moving a bunch of them to a safe place, where I don’t have to look at them every day. This becomes particularly important when I make adjustments to the site going forward, as even more of my past, fumbling attempts at making a home for myself online become acutely embarrassing, rather than just quaint.

So, you’ve been warned. Don’t peek behind this curtain if you don’t have to. As things get updated and improved, I’ll move them to a more visible state and location on the site.

Mr. Bhagwan Goes to Town

(consisting mainly of pictures and links from my never-ending program of dissipation)


Kill Your TV



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