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Arus Entertainment

aka: Here I go, playing the star again…

So here’s the deal. Today marks the end of a very long journey from half-assed entrepreneur to full-fledged failed businessman.

That’s right, the new ARUS Entertainment storefront ​is up and running, ready to serve all your independent author book-buying needs.

“But Mr. Bhagwan. I thought you already had an online store?”

Yes, I did. But that store was mainly a backstop for in-person cash sales at conventions, not a real e-commerce solution. So I got together with a couple of the smartest people I know (super shout-outs to Honor MacDonald at Eyequeue media, and web designer extraordinaire Joe Fulgham) and invested in my own future, and a fully customizable storefront that can handle anything I throw at it for a fraction of the cost. Plus it’s mine. I own it, and it’s a lot easier to navigate and share than the hosted solution I was using.

So what does this mean for this, my actual web site? A good deal, actually. Book/Sales-centric posts will now live on that page, and I’ll while I’ll be doing a bit of cross-posting, I won’t be as hesitant to post here about irrelevant things. Team Bhagwan has also added a few new features to this site that I’ll be rolling out in the next few weeks/days, so watch this space for more content!

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