Blood and Ashes

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In February of 2014, I released a novella as part of the Foreworld Saga, through Amazon Publishing’s 47North imprint.

This was my second Sidequest, and I used the lessons learned from Hearts of Iron to craft a story that I believe thrills and entertains from the very first page. It’s a tale of the Shield-Brethren, but at the same time explores the origins of the enemies they face in the Mongoliad.

Also, Gladiators. And Zombies. And Volcanoes. Well, just the one exploding mountain, but there’s more than enough of the other two to keep you on the edge of your seats.

This page is your portal to the creative process that went into bringing Blood and Ashes to market. The links below are to articles I’ve written about this book and the Foreworld in general, and should get you up to speed with minimal navigation. Since this is a permanent page linked to both the main menu and my author information, it’s something I intend to update a bit more often than some other portions of this site.

So return with me to the summer of 79 AD. There’s a new emperor on the throne, and a tired warrior named Horatius walks along a dusty road to start a new life in the coastal paradise known as … Pompeii.

Scott James Magner

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