So very wrong in my body

I can’t stop shaking. Since about 6 PM tonight, I’ve had shuddering chills and the worst feeling of gurt churning ick I’ve had this year.

Hell of a night to win at the Friday game.

I have some things to do before I go to sleep. but I feel (literally) 100% better in my fiduciary soul. Go figure.

One thing to say about the evening. 4 jacks wins every time. It is even better when you have it twice. the odds of this can been seen here, and it bears noting that both times it happened, there were more than 4 players at the table (7 and 5, respectively.) Straight flush was pretty nice too.

Were I not a responsible pauper, I’d be parlaying it right now. That’s two wins in two outings.

And the last time I felt this bad, with the shuddering and the churning? Our Friends Holiday party. I won there as well.

And my other win at the Friday game? Well, read for yourself.

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