Insert Doors song here

Can you picture, what would be/
So innocent and free?

An amazingly dehydrated 174lb dripping wet Bhagwan greets you all today. And there have been a LOT of sit-ups and wine glasses in the last 4 days, so some of that is fake weight.

Lord-a-mighty, do I ever feel good about this. Making menus for next week anyway, but I’m not going to “stick” to them.

Work is good, weight is good, and today is a payday. For those of you who know, it’s not the most momentous occasion after the events of December, but this is the First check which has my adjusted rate following my Promotion.

I can’t wait to hold it in my withered hands.

I had a Cop dream last night/this morning. It was an odd one, since I’m pretty sure it hit around 3 AM, and stretched into my snooze button time. I had to question a General regarding a murder, but was under instructions from my captain to be nicer to people. Apparently int he dream world, I’m the kind of cop that does not respond well to authority figures.

I wad to wake the General up, but for swome reason this annoying, nagging woman was there, acting smug and singing a lilting ditty that made me want to cave her face in. So I gave her an order to leave the room, and she pouted off.

And that was a good feeling too. Of course, I had to fiddle with the General’s alarm clock for him, since he apparently listens to the same radio station I do, and he could not find the damn snooze button either.

Today, today there will be steak. And quite possibly some more wine, although since I am off the menu, Scotch is back on.

But first, juice and a muffin, my favorite breakfast in the world.

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