Ow, redux.

I had exactly one drink last night, and today I feel “worse” than I did after Friday night’s “fun.”

The reason? Yesterday’s caloric intake was nearly 100% sugar.

Or rather, it was 300% of my normal, and 200% of it was sugar or Bread. Sure, I snuck plenty of protein in, but I was grazing and sampling for about 12 hours, and not hydrating nearly enough. Also, I was in a succession of cat and dog-filled houses, which bring up a whole set of other problems with my system’s interface.

After washing away my blues, I couldn’t get to sleep. The heat was just enough to activate whatever residual sugars were running around. I was up for another 4 hours, which runs right into breakfasttime. No more Parfait, but Oatmeal was there and comforting like it always is. Turned in, got my requisite 4 hours, and then did the moment of truth weigh in.

9 lbs. No wonder everything hurts. I was literally 10 lbs of crap stuffed into a 7 lb bag. Water, vitamins, and right back to bed for me.

1 PM wakeup call took 3 of those back off. Fixed a protein snack (mmmm, turkey), and sat here at the comp to relate my cautionary tale.

Cookies are bad, mmmmkay? But far worse is the bread. Oh, how I love it so. Oh, how it hates me. I may venture out for some fruit in a bit, just to jump start the system.

This next week will be a very, very interesting one. on the bright side, my days in CO for the Series/Con/work will be the “good” weekend, in which there will be oatmeal, sandwiches, chicken and Turkey. Very easy to manage,very easy to maintain. Plus, I’ll be on the road, so working out and Yoga for this kid.

Mmmm, working out.

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