Run, Runner!

So on amazingly short notice (for me), I decided to take in a special screening of Blade Runner: the Final Cut at the Cinerama last night.

The faithful are rewarded. Not only was it teh roxx0r5, but it was a feast for the eyes and ears.

I will have it, oh yes, I will.

In other news, the Weekend’s excesses are negligible. Weighed in yesterday where I weighed out last week , and I did 10 miles or so of walking about in the high mountain air. Even though the spirit is sagging somewhat, I feel pretty fantastic, and last night had an omelet for dinner that makes me rethink my regular breakfast version somewhat.

But the back stretch is on track. My goal is not to go “crazy” this weekend, as in the previous two outings. things look more or less okay, but there is a function I’d like to attend up north, which may well involve a little excess.

we’ll have to see. but things are good.

Tomorrow starts NaNoWriMo. I remind you of this once again becuase I am supposed to, so that you will mock me if I fail to produce. Yesterday’s “work” word count approached 10K, and this morning’s very active subconscious informs me that I’m ready to begin typing.

Time to punch the clock.

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