yep, world not ended

Yet. Give it time. I’m sure there are zombies around one of these here corners. I’ll just have to look harder.

Plus, rearranged the desk area more directly, slightly better flow of energy. I’ll have to see the effects on my productivity later today, measured against the lack of kickass cool boss to lighten the mood. I’ll miss her something fierce, any many ways she was the best freind I’ve had in the workplace in a long time.

Someone who…got it. Someone who had struggled through the very lean times, and was able to look back objectively and deal with the fire, not the flames.

For now, I head back into the mines, and will come out of darkness and fire renewed.

And stuff.

Day one Begins. mmmm, oatmeal. It’s like cake, in so many ways. And yet, so , so much better for me. I’ll not say how the scale looked today, save that it was within acceptable parameters. Definitely within the same “decade” as Friday, with the standard dehydration disclaimer.

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