Ego Kiss before Dying

Yes, it’s one of those posts

The recent bouts with illness, dairy and Cake have put me on a bit of a rollercoaster. However, here’s, more or less, the last few weeks for me.

Nov 2. -1 from goal weight, and a pretty good day all around.

Nov 5. +5 from goal, after a weekend of pretty solid drinking, snacking, and stressful travel. Plus, I am now sick.

Nov 9. +2 from goal, People are dropping like flies all around me, full of nastry icky sick.

Nov. 16. ~ goal, perhaps +1. I head down to Orycon, and have a serious sniffle. I’ve been hydrating, vegetabling, and megadising with vitaminy goodness for a week. I feel like crap, but overall pretty good.

And then I drink, Work out, Drink, eat, Work out, shiver, and get hella sick.

Nov 19. +10. Body has shut down to repel boarders, and is marshalling resources for the fight. Fight, monkeys, fight!

Nov 20. +9 Chocopacalypse notwithstanding, shivering does indeed burn off calories. Go figure.

Nov 23. +5 or 6. Wavering between the two, I enter a weekend

Nov 26. Mmmmm, cake. It was a gloriously pastry filled weekend. And the dairy, loves me the dairy.
Also, +15. I can has bloated nasty dehydration?

Nov 27. +9. It’s amazing what a mostly full night of sleep, and proper fluid balance will do for you. Also, being on the plan is far better than being off. Still Sick, and rather ickily so. I sit here with the chills, shielded in my armor and with cough drops and caffiene

I leave you now to your own surmises.

And dreams of tasty, lovely, delicious CAKE!

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