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8 hours, in shifts. I believe the term is “power naps”, but last night I was feeling a little naseous, so I parked my self in front of the big screen and caught up on all three varieties of CSI. Got two hours out there on the couch, then 6 hours in the sleeping chamber. Damn near stayed out there, but I figured I should at least make the attempt.

Constant sickness has slowed deceleration somewhat, but after another cycle I’m down 7, and back under 180. I’m perpetually parked there, it seems, and it’s not the worst place int he world to be. On the other hand, this weekend will include at least one happy hour, and two baseball games. So odds are high there will at least be bread, and most likely some CAKE.

In other news, I feel like crap. Started taking the useless allergy meds again. I know I’m crazy when I resort to pills that I know do not work. The pain in the head has gone done a bit, and my sinuses are no longer so blocked that I can pop my jaw like a walnut. For the last several weeks, housekeeping has slipped somewhat, and I’ve been more or less living in my home office. on the plus side, I’m remaining hydrated, but I’m retaining more of it than I would like. I’ve also been powering through my archived Television Seasons on DVD.

C’est la vie. My superheroes are reaping the benefit of the exercise, at least.

I have decided not to play softball this spring, a choice born from a combination of cost, distance, general health and hassle. As soon as it stops being 50 degrees outside, I have resolved to ride that damn bicycle.


HH tonight at the Icon Grill, for those what are interested. Usual time, 5-ish.

I’m still writing, but no real progress on the Book. started fleshing out a few pieces of short fiction, but it’s slow going. Trying to keep these pieces to under 20K words means leaving plot on the table. If I can keep it tight enough, I can possibly collect or serialize one of the pieces. Just sitting here typing, I am reminded of one of the characters and his arc, and it’s crazy hard not to attempt that whole story.

Time will tell.

Time for the commute. See some of you later tonight, and others at a later date.

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