Not a tiny atoll instrumental in the fight against the Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere, but instead I’ve hit the middle of Book one’s rewrite/enhancement. Another 6K words yesterday, bringing the manuscript to just shy of 80K.

Plenty of baseball left, as I am wont to say. Have just killed a bunch of people, and made a bad guy more “bad.”

Not bad for two days.

Speaking of Days, Days 1 and 2 were successful as always, and I am at this moment exactly where I was last week on Wednesday. Despite near constant intake and physical activity, the weekend was also full of oh so tempting deserts I will never have again, and CAKE.

All gone now, bye bye.

I did say no to a few things that I knew would be awful awful, but I totally said yes to milkshakes, my not-so secret shame. They’re pretty much the only non-meat cow product I ingest, and only weeks apart in exposure.

Mainly because they mess me up, big time. I was paying for each one later. I’m still working off Sunday’s cheese and delicious Peruvian stuff today, but I should feel better soon.

Then I can go back to just being sick, with the sniffle I have picked up due to my time on airplanes. For all you science types up there, please invent a section of the plane free from other people, so that I may pay more and enjoy the trip.


Yesterday I watched “The Haunting” and “DreamCatcher” for extra inspiration. while the scenes I was writing were not particularly spooky, both helped set my mood. I’m interested to see how audio books might help the process, but not interested enough to make a special trip to get one.

More later, time to write now.

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