Over and Out

Last week, my position at En Masse Entertainment was eliminated. While some might see this is cause for alarm, I do not. My respect and loyalty for my former colleagues is undiminished, and by eliminating what was essentially a luxury position the company allowed quite a few people to keep theirs. I still take great pride in what we accomplished over the last few years, and I think some of my finest “big stories” can be found in TERA. I look forward to working with them again on future projects, and wish them all the best.

So what’s next for me? Clearly, the last obstacle/excuse for me not finishing current fiction projects is gone. No longer can I explain away my lack of words by “I write a lot all day long” or “My brain is tired at the end of the day.” While both were (and in some sense are) true, I also managed to write quite a bit in years past WHILE working as a full-time paid writer.

Removing the paid part of the equation should make things a little easier, I think.

As of yesterday, every finished piece I have was out for editorial review. I got a nice form rejection back this morning, and I expect that one to head back out before the sun gets too much higher outside my window. There are two novels needing serious attention in my projects folder, and I woke up Monday morning with three fresh story treatments burning in my forebrain.

No promises, no excuses. Though life is chaotic right now, my immediate needs are met, and I have a bit of a cushion to tide us over. But I’m not waiting for inspiration any more. I’m going to hunt that wascally wabbit down and choke it till the words come or someone drops an anvil on my head.

End Trans

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