I am

Officially really, REALLY broke, but my bills are mostly caught up, and I am one cable away from the last piece of AV equipment I should need for a couple years. I plan to buy exactly three Blu-Ray discs between now and the end of the year, and next week begins the Selling of Stuff.

Also, hopefully, employment, but I have to go with what I’ve got.

For those keeping score, there are now 8 relevant remote controls for the front room. Four see daily use (TIVO, HDMI Switcher, A/V Remote, TV), and I have the three primary components arranged for easy access. Functions of at least one other component can be handled by almost all of them.

Since Miki will ask, there are two relevant remotes in the back room. I am one remote short of what I need, but the function of that component that would require one is duplicated by another for which I do.

I also removed one plug. So there. Someday soon, I may go back and update my web page on the subject. I have humorous anecdotes about the recent and not so recent acquisitions.

In general AV news, I also sorted OUT the three non-working components for disposal, and archived 2 region-free DVD players and one working VCR. there are 4 video monitors and one subwoofer system that should probably go to the storage unit as I take things out for sale, I’ll manage all that when the clearing process begins next week/month.

I managed to get out about 1100 words this morning, closing the book on Fall of 1204, and laying down some of the creepy framework I thought of for Winter of 1205. I think what’s bogging me down on this book is the very clear vision I want for the material already written, and the resistance I have to changing something I’ve been over so many times. I reminded myself between naps today that until I sell it, it’s not “done”, although the clock is ticking (albeit slowly) on getting it (v1) finalized. I’d like to go back to “gainful” employment without this nagging me. I’m also not going to stop writing for 4 years again, that did not work for me at all.

Continuing readers may recall that I had originally wanted to shop this around in March of this year, I’m so very glad I did not. The additional work I did this Summer make it a far superior piece, and the very welcome comments from my first readers helped me knock off a lot of rough edges I was blind to.

And now, weekend. I shall be barricaded in Fortress Bhagwan for almost all of it, so unless you want to come watch the World Series IN GLORIOUS HIGH DEFINITION and view me in my pajamas (in slightly less clarity) , don’t expect a Bhagwan sighting for a few days.

end trans.

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