Perhaps, no, it couldn’t be

I’m trying to remember who said this would happen. Wait, let me think.

Oh, yes. IT WAS ME! It was totally me.

They almost had me with a revised trailer a month or so ago. It looked like there was a plot. As if something besides explosions, blank stares and pouty looks had been , or would be offered.

Nope. Zip, Nada, Nolo.

Good thing I just spent a bunch of money on cats, because this summer is looking pretty bleak indeed. Can we go back to May and watch Star Trek again?

In other news…Transformers movies really suck. Clearly, they will be receiving a bail-out soon.

And Micheal Bay is a whiny little baby.

Wait, that’s not really news, is it?

P.S. Transformers sucked. A lot.

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