this just in…

…more or less.

Since last we left our protagonist (heroism is somewhat beyond me today, I think), he applied critical software updates to 4 out of 6 computers and one DVR, established secure wireless networking here at the Temple (thanks to the spontaneous and long awaited appearance of the router on the installed devices list, after only 6 months of trying!), made numerous (temporary) digital copies, read three trade paperbacks and one monthly issue, mixed medicine, fed gatos and Bhagwans , plugged in plug-ins, tarpitted a spammer who posted helpful and titillating pictures on her home page, and devices were synced.

Also, Renaissance (paris 2054) is an amazingly good movie. If you have not seen it, and are used to the vagaries of Scottflix, you should borrow it.

That’s six hours I’m not getting back. Knee pain has mostly subsided, but I’ve a rager of a headache despite my hydrated status.

Knew I should have had that glass of wine with my soup. That’ll larn me NOT to drink…

Don’t call before noon if you can help it.

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