So back under again, at 169. Don’t expect it to last out the weekend, especially since I just had a bowl of oatmeal.

A big one.

It’s my own fault, I’ve added a little extra fat the last few days in the form of cheese or cheese-like substances. And of course, there were the events of Day 5.

However, the waistline has continues to reduce (a not implausible 29 inches measured the last few days), so the lack of loss could easily be attributed to lean muscle mass and all the walking I’ve been doing.

Especially with the general tightness and pleasing feel of my belly. When I’m on my hydration game of late, I can really feel it all working.

I’ve also rediscovered my navel, meaning that I can discern the backside of it pretty easily, as well as the brick of abs backing it. Not quite a picture perfect sixpack, but that was never the goal. I’m somewhat excited about the next cycle.

Another work week has come to a close, and I’ve just wrapped up an hour from the home office here. Time to head in and face the day. I expect I’ll be drinking some of the good rum tonight. Yes, Yes I will.

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