24, take 2

I have spent half a day with Jack Bauer, on the 2nd worst day of his life

I will sleep better tonight, knowing that there are real world analogs to JB, and they do what he does.

I’ve met some of them, I respect them, and I feel better about myself knowing that such things are indeed possible.

On the flip side,



fuck it

Jack Bauer for president. I don’t care that it’s “only” 11 PM. Since 4 more seasons have occurred, I know what happens.

And while I agree that Robert Downey Jr. may well be the perfect choice to play Iron Man, Keifer MUST be Captain America, when the world turns that way.

PS. I now amend my previous statements regarding white wines.

We have a winner.

P.P.S I have fajitas. A la Bhagwan.

With a name like Bhagwan, it HAS to be good.

End trans.

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