What a gloriously

Saturday Saturday. I have the vaguest of activity plans, any and all of which are completely optional, and not to terrible expensive. At some point, I’ll need to dress and face the outside world, but that’s at least two hours away.


Today’s oatmeal and coffee breakfast was th stuff of dreams. quick, fast, and filling, and not too much to make me worry about cheating. As much as I like prepared (by other people) foods, I really like the portions I prepare in advance. Menu items like Chicken, Lean Ground Turkey, and Omelette fixings are nice, safe, and known quantities.

In every sense of the word.

Of late, I’ve received good hearted mocking about the contents of my refrigerator. I really don’t like keeping food around the house, especially food that can be easily snacked and sampled. This makes me a lousy entertainer, as the things I’ve got on hand to share are usually just Whisky, wine, and diet soda. When I cook a meal to share, it’s an involved affair, that should dirty most, if not all of my dishes.

It’s the restaraunteur in me, and I enjoy it. But it’s a bit pricey, and I usually save it up for Day 12.

Day 6, and 7, they are an oasis. And they let me enjoy days like 5 and 8 a little more.

Hey, look. Guess I felt like typing this morning after all.

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