OryCon, HO!

SO, last year at this time, I was already well into my cups, and enjoying every minute of it. Tonight, just the one glass of merlot, but nonetheless having a great time. Of course, I will be posting drunkenly to the intarwebs as the evening/weekend progresses.

Plus, still with the writing

wordcount widgets

Went back for a fill in chapter today, and again was surprised by it’s evolution. Nearly 3K words of setup, and a new character I was not expecting at all. I think this chapter (which covers several months of “real” time) may need to be split into two, of a bit longer duration. Since I have written the middle half of the chapter that follows it, it may need the touch of inner editor before the month is out. I’ll need to flesh out the two “new” characters, even though both will be long dead by chapter 23.

It’s my way. And with this plot, doesn’t really mean all that much, to be dead.

Going to relax for a bit, then it’s up to mega-author Jay lake’s room for the drinking, and the fun. Will update you all as the evening doth progress. Will Write (capital letter) more tomorrow.

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