No, not Lunch, although that is also on the Horizon.

Today I start a new Cycle. After a fantastic weekend of good food, I began at 182.5, a modest increase from the 179 landing on Friday. I had (tasty) dessert every night over the weekend, drank (tasty) wine, and had general happy making food. The only real change from my normal routine was the introduciton of bread/pasta, so who knows how much of that gain will leave me in a few days (I do feel a bit tingly still, and my hand broke out in hives yesterday. But Bread, sweet bread. We loves it so)

For this cycle, I am trying the “new” interface, which has yielded a slightly different lineup than my usual fare.

Today will be as follows:

Meal #1: Pastrami Slices and/or Scrambled Eggs and/or Fresh Apples
Meal #2: Tuna Salad Plate and/or Chicken
Meal #3: Roast Beef Slices and/or Sausage Links and/or Fresh Pears
Meal #4: Pastrami Slices and/or Scrambled Eggs and/or Fresh Oranges

I’ve had Scrambled Eggs for Breakfast, so my choices for later in the day revolve around whether or not I want Apples or Oranges today. Since Tomorrow is mostly fruit, I’m going to buy both, and let the (apple) chips fall where ithey may.

More later. I have lots of Geeky Tech joy to share.

Come on along, and join the Crazy train.

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