Stuck with a Middle review

So I fell off the wagon last week, and discovered again just how addicted I am to Dairy and Bread.

Two things, BTW, which can KILL ME.

Was supposed to start a new cycle last week, at the new “high” of 197. A high caused by cake and dairy addiction over the previous 5 months. Slow, steady gains of 2-3 pounds every 2-3 weeks, but mainly milkshakes and cake.


I knew it was happening, I knew it was coming, and I just didn’t care. Needed a little me time over the last month or so.

Me time is over.

200 lbs.

200 Freaking lbs.

Mind you, only 34 inches around the waist, so some of that can be attributed to the bicycle. But I’m now back into the shorts and L t-shirts of November 2006, and that dog ain’t gonna hunt.

Especially since last year at this time, I was in some of the best shape of my life.

Still not sleeping, as Histamines have invaded every aspect of my life. Walking outside induces a violent sneezing fit, and my throat dries up within several blocks. I’m taking the damned pills, but they’re really not doing anything.

Time to use some health insurance, I think.

Also, time to finish this damned book. My mornings now belong to my protagonist. Probably my afternoons too, for a while.

So I’ll be under the hod for a bit. I’ll let you know.

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