3:12 AM

Who would have thought? And I even forced myself to bed at 12:30, purposely avoiding any attempt at writing or outlining B.2

Dumb ass. Information must be free.

I’ve already compiled brief notes on the first three chapters of B.1 I can rebuild it, make it stronger.

But, of course, I will not do so for another two weeks. It’s in front of two folks now, others are on the hook.

Going to try really hard to play video games for an hour or so, instead of writing.

Yeah, right.

P.S. South African Chardonnay haz a flavr. It was not at all what I was expecting. Note to self, by a copy of “sideways.” Not only for the wine parts, but to remind yourself about the perils of




end trans.

P.S. Is it 6:30 AM yet? I can really, really use some oatmeal right about now, my funk soul brothers.

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