4:45 PM

More or less took the day off from writing, but while walking after lunch I had several realizations about how to frame B.2.

Then I played some video games, fixed a one word error in B.1 that I had somehow neglected this past week, then started watching a Star Trek episode.

By the time it was done, I turned the 5 “orphaned” chapters into an outlined plot of 18, and managed to work back in a geopolitical division, an outlaw philosophy, and a day player who was last seen going mad, Mad, MAD!


Not the worst day of work in the world. Think I’ll play video games again in a bit, after I add some dates to the timeline.

P.S. I totally ate those crackers that were mocking me. Now I really need to shop for food tomorrow, an activity already on the docket.

P.P.S. Any bets as to how much the Mariners will lose by tonight?

P.P.P. MFS! There has been no nap since my previous post. I haz cranky.

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