None of you can see it, and few of you will, but the room in which I sit has undergone a major makeover today.

For those that have helped with my last three moves, you’ll be happy to know that the Freakin’ Desk now like in crumpled pieces out near my dumpster. I’ll drag them to the dump sometime in the next few weeks, but they no longer weigh heavy on my soul.

Nor on our backs.

The replacement desk I acquired this summer is now my only desk, and it also serves as the office’s entertainment center. Resting comfortably on it’s shelves are:

  • TIVO
  • Last Year’s HD-DVD player
  • 2003’s Multi Region DVD player
  • The $20 5-1 system I picked up earlier this year.
  • This here computer
  • The monitor I bought myself in 2006
  • The giant-ass TV I really can’t afford but a departing friend is graciously allowing me to pay for in installments (thankyouthankyouthankyou)(tm)

The last item has been a source of some distress for me today, as it steadfastly refuses to be a flat screen monitor. I managed to get it talking to the computer, but not well, and I’ll be wrestling with it for a few more hours tonight before I’m completely happy with it.

Suffice to say, it works, and in a pinch will do what I want it to. But 800×600 is a foolish and wasteful resolution for an LCD screen specifically designed to work with computers. It is not optimized for gaming, and it looks like despite interest from a neighbor, I will be keeping the 20 inch monitor it was meant to replace. I will try working some playstation love through it tomorrow to see what is best in life.

I can now fully access all of my bookcases (within reason), as well as the antique cabinet I acquired in 2005

In other news, it seems that the main site has undergone an upgrade today (thanks, Puck!). I’ll try and find a format that works well for it on a day that is not today.

My head hurts, despite the non-stop use of the air-purifier today.

The sub-woofer, also working as expected today. I have just watched the hardest 30 minutes in all of film, something I have not done in 9 years. I specifically saved this movie to watch when I had full sound available, and none of the impact has lessened from when I first watched it in a room full of sobbing veterans.

Pardon me for a moment.

Tonight and tomorrow, I will restock the shelves and clean out the items currently sitting on my living room floor.

Netflix informs me that Hancock will be coming by for a visit tomorrow. That will be nice.

Thanks Hancock! You’ll be happy to know that the new configuration allows me to bring the blu-ray player back here, maximizing the possibilities of our relationship. Yay us.

Soon, I will need to cook dinner. Yay for dinner. Today’s earlier carb and fiber load will be wearing off soon, and it will be time for some protein. Yay for Protein!.

And stuff.

That’s pretty much all I got to say about that.

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