If it’s February, it must be Five Questions

It’s time again for the most happy of internet memes. 5 Questions.

For those of you who came in late, there are rules.

1. Leave a comment here, indicating that you want some deep , probing questions. Or soft, playful ones. Or really, any damn sort of questions I feel like asking.

2. I give you some.

3. You answer them in your own space, and post some version of these here rules.

This latest go round has come to you courtesy of ironymaiden

1. what was your first comic book?

That is a very interesting question. I hazily remember reading copies of early X-men (the first run and printings), as well as Archie, the Brave and the Bold, Neil Adams’ Batman run, Richie Rich, Caspar, Donald Duck, and some other Disney magazines.

From before I died.

I can remember being very sick in 1977 (post accident). I remember having to stay home, going to the store frequent times, and coming back with comic books. I remember reading a story about Aquaman in bed while watching the Hobbit on television. Wikipedia tells me that the broadcast was November 27, 1977, so the plot I remember must have been this one, now confirmed with images from teh intarwebs as Adventure Comics #452.


2. space elevator or plasma beam?

Space elevators would help more people than just me get out of the gravity well, and would be the finest edifice ever constructed by humans (that we know of). I also fear disintegration, for many reasons.

3. have you been riding your bicycle? if so, how’s it going, if not, why not?

I have not ridden since the end of Summer. With the rate at which I get sick, riding it in the wet and cold seems more than a little foolish. Up until September, I was riding it almost every day. I expect this to continue starting in April.

4. (money is no object.) would you go back to school right now, what would you study, why?

If money is truly no object, I would certainly finalize my plans to get a Masters degree and then try to go back into theoretical Physics (cosmology). Abstract maths (and math abstracts) derailed me in my 20s, but I have a greater appreciation for them now that I am older.

5. you’ve been on the diet wagon for a long time. is there a food or a situation that makes it especially difficult for you to control your eating habits?

Poverty, really. Fruit is very expensive in Seattle. Maintaining weight is really easy, even eating out. Depending on who you ask, I’m between 10 and 25 lbs over where I want to be right now, due to bread consumption. If I was working again, staying on plan would no no issue at all. My eating habits did not materially change until my severance ran out in the Fall.

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