New member of the family

Before anyone starts thinking this is a mushy, happy post, Let me say up front that it’s not about cats.

That’s totally for tomorrow, although I have never considered pets to be family members. In my opinion, this robs an animal of it’s essential “them”ness. I try instead to join their social units, if they’ll have me. Lucky for me, both cats dig on the Bhagwan, as most do.

I’m instead typing about (and on) my new hp netbook mini. the keyboard is responsive and fast, the wireless network is responding well, and I’ve now installed all files and programs necessary to make this into what I need it to be.

Something on which to work and type, anywhere I want to go. It’s everything I wanted from all previous laptops, and with none of the drawbacks.

There’s some complicated retail math involved, but it’s a manageable process.

Of course, the very day I get this set-p, I gain access to another machine altogether. Go figure.

Still, the price was right, the machine works as intended, and I’m free, Free, FREE of my cave.

So now I’m sitting on the couch, in the larger cave. Should help the cats adjust over the next few days, yah?

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