Words, words, words

Posting again from the iPod, and again I am unable to edit and upload text directly. It’s an issue with Safari and not WordPress, and I seem to recall a WordPress app in the store…

2400 and change today, with a 6 hour break in between. Did not really acomplish anything during that time besides laundry and a bit of media maintenance, but I’m very happy with how the words came out. This particular section is very clearly a novel, but that’s what it is supposed to be. Was hoping to bring the intro in as a saleable piece, but even though I can wrap this section tomorrow, what I’ll have is another submission piece.

Also ok by me.

Tomorrow I may return to the detective story, (also a novel starter), but it would be nice to push through into some action. By the end of the week I think I’ll be ready to get into some of the concept pieces in the brown notebook.

Moving from Day 3 to Day 1, it was easier than I thought to slip back into a regulated diet. Shopped a few days out, resisted temptation, and although this morning’s 220lb weigh in was distressing in the extreme, it’s an excellent motivator. Also, a week of steak and ice cream has expected and quantifyable results.

Namely, a return to the month of September, 2006. I’m happy I gave away those suits, and even happier to know that in a month I won’t have to wish I had them back.

But enough about me…

Hollywood was good, as was the Viennese waltz. Hip hop 2 really came together, but so far the dancing has been “eh.”

More to come.

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