Dear Universe…


No, really. I mean it.

What would a day be without more day? Yesterday’s 2.5 hours of sleep was awesome, especially combined with Day 4’s schedule of vegetables, vegetables,and fruit.

Nothing like gnawing hunger to keep me awake and focused all day. While it did afford me the opportunity to watch some movies, recorded tv and listen to some music, the writing got hard, and I’ll most likely throw some of those words out during revisions.

Thanks for sending this book to me in chronological sequence, for once. Unfolding scene by scene, with only the most tenous of over-arcing plots.

Mind you, you’ve brought me a good one this time, especially since your plan of forcing it into my brain over the last 4 months made it nearly impossible for me to write any other fiction not bought and paid for by corporate overlords.

At least I know how it ends. But the characters keep weaving themselves into one another, and their voices are getting tricksy to separate.

For the record, until two days ago this was Space Opera, not military sci-fi. Though I understand folks enjoy that sort of story.

I Know I do. Getting to read this one before anyone else is kinda fun.

Thanks also for Cheap Red Wine, and the profitable Poker Face it brings. Thanks also for top pair, top kicker, and the knowledge of when to fold it.

Los Gatos want me to add, “MrrRrrRrrow?” I told them that was rude, but Maleficent insists. For some reason, she’s convinced you’re responsible, and by you, I mean me.

Medea has only her baleful witchy green glare to add, having spent this week’s budget of non food-related mrrows 4 hours ago, when we first attempted this sleep thing.

Thanks for hot showers, and sweat soaked sheets. For warm and dry bathrobes, and for this rager of a headache, sore throat, stuffy head and fever.

But seriously, thanks for the top pairs. It’s good to have some hypothetical folding money, after last week’s spendapalooza.

See you tomorrow morning.


Looks like it’s time to hydrate and write.

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