Elevenses, set for 5

3788 words today, half in the afternoon, and the rest in the company of other Seattle NaNoS at the Northgate Write-in. Crossed the 40K mark, but I was finished for the night before everyone else.

Working in sprints wasn’t my usual style, as I normally work a scene until its logical conclusion, then add in more words until I’m satisfied with the outcome. It was cool to meet some other new writers, and share some tips and tricks, though I forced the last few hundred words.

Will definitely go back next week, even though I’ll hit my goal sometime this weekend. If I stay at this current rate, I may even do it down the street at the Shoreline Write-in on Saturday.

Although my preference would be to get it done tomorrow. Since I want that every day, I’ll take a page from one of my characters’ playbook, and take what I can , when I can, and never settle for less than my best.

Going to miss her, when she explodes.

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