Can You Hear the People Reading

5One of my personal benchmarks for success as a writer has been to have my words leave the page and enter the recording studio. To have them re-interpreted through another’s eyes and brain, and for people to enjoy hearing the voices inside their heads as much as I do makes me happy.

That may not have come out as intended. Sounded better before I typed it, anyway.

Previously, this has meant writing scripts for speeches, presentations, videos and video games. I’ve done radio spots here and there, and in my distant and Bohemian youth I wrote songs for people.

Yes, I do still remember them, and no, I won’t sing them to you. Not here, at least. And certainly not sober.

I regret nothing.

But thankfully, there are other options available to us than watching that video again. When I first got involved with the Foreworld Saga, my secret hope was that my particular Sidequest would make the jump to an audiobook like those that came before it. At the end of May, I received an email asking for pronunciations on four character names, and I knew that it had gone from possible to probably.

With today’s addition of a cover image to the product page* I’ve been tracking for the last few weeks, probably has now become inevitable.

HoI Audiobook cover

August 27, 2013 just became an important day for me. I’m penciling in 3 hours right now to listen to the very talented Luke Daniels read my story not only forever into the litany of the Foreworld, but also into his own impressive collection of worlds and titles.

I’m hoping you will as well.

*Note: While at present only an AudioCD has been announced, all other Sidequests and books of the Mongoliad are available at, and I expect no less for the hauteville boys.

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