2013The number of days left that we will still live in this house now equal the number of years we’ve been here. But today I feel pretty good about a lot of things, and as this space is all about me, you get to hear them.

Packing everything we own into boxes is an interesting experience. In 2010, our move-in happened so fast, and with such ease that it hardly took any time at all. I’m conveniently forgetting here the month of prep, the countless hours of me schlepping boxes up and down our driveway into a storage container, and the madness involved in getting the house in the first place, which involved accepting both a full-time job and a cut in pay. There were meetings and showings and “huh, that smells funny,” capped off with a bicycle ride from our old house to the new.

Today, I smell rain. I’ve been surrounded by it for the last 12 hours, and it’s wonderful. The sound calms my nerves, each breeze carries decades of memories to the front of my mind. All I want to do is sit outside and let it wash over me, carrying away all my stress and worry.

So instead, I’m in here typing at you.

FinalLast night, I got back the line edits for Homefront, hot on the heels of some “oops I’m an idiot” proofing errors in advance copies of Spring. The latter were easy enough to deal with, and about half of them were things I’d already caught in the now almost daily re-builds of that release. Every time I upload a new file, the temptation to just push “publish” gets stronger. Then I find something else that needs adjustment, another problem that I overlooked in trying to do it all myself.

P.S. Seasons of Truth: Spring releases August 5, 2014. Tell all your friends.

I love it when it rains. Fellow members of the Deadbeats Club will understand. Yesterday afternoon it teased us as we loaded games and comics and assorted garage-dwelling boxes into our new storage space. It tried its best as I walked down to the bank and post office in succession, gave up entirely when I stopped into the cantina for a quick…bite, then came back in dribs and drabs for the walk home.

Spring_1000But last night, as I woke up with a fantastic feeling in my head and heart, the rain came. The sound of the first drops hitting the roof was like magic. The smell through the screens was a tonic, and the cool breeze accompanying it sent me back to sleep long enough to face the day.

Normally I’d play music or a movie or some other distraction to accompany today’s packing, but for now the ultimate concert is right outside my window, and I’m thinking about grabbing a couple torn sheets to go dancing.

What do you say, friends? Shall we crash this party down?

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