Summer Time


It’s release day, again, and it’s time for the riches and fame to start rolling in.

Or, we could take a more reasoned approach to publishing. I’ve done my marketing, placed the book on websites around the net, created storefronts, sent review copies, and in general cajoled the world into believing that I believe in it.

So here’s some more of the same.

I really do like Seasons of Truth: Summer. Like Winter and Spring before it, it represents a long road of writing and revisions, stretching back to my first ever efforts as a professional. Seeing it “in print” is one of the best feelings ever, if only just to know it exists outside of my own mind.

When people ask me to tell them a story, this is what I think of. When I think about what to write next, I open up a folder in my mind titled 01 THE HUNTERS CHRONICLE, sometimes to the detriment of other projects and commitments. This is the story I’ve always wanted to tell, and even if no one ever buys it I’ll keep writing in this universe.

Speaking of which…

Fall is off to be edited, and if things go well I’ll have more to share soon. There’s a teaser at the back of Summer, but Fall is the place where threads from each of the other books combine. And while Summer is certainly not overburdened with sunshine and roses, Fall goes dark and stays there to the very end.

So read. Share. Comment. I want to know what you think about this installment of The Hunters Chronicle, and the series so far. Summer is here, and today we celebrate pushing back the night just a little longer.

I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather do it with than those who dare to dream.


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