The Terrifying Thing Continues

This morning I took the next step in utterly ruining my life, and ordered three print proofs of Seasons of Truth.

They should arrive just as the third part of my free book giveaway begins, and I expect I’ll post many pictures of them sitting next to my cats to maximize internet penetration.

Did you really think I wouldn't post a cat picture?
Why So Serious?

I’ve been anticipating and dreading this moment for months. I’m almost there, at the end a journey that began in another century and has shaped my entire life. If this book succeeds, it will be the second most important thing I’ve ever done, and by far the most ambitious. (The most important thing has a birthday coming up, and I’d love to give him something more than happy thoughts this year.)

But writing a book is only part of the equation. You, dear friends and readers, are the other half, and I’d love for you to join us on the crazy train.

Until midnight tonight, Seasons of Truth: Winter is still free on Saturday morning it will return to its regular price, but I’m not done doing stupid things just yet. Get a copy for yourself (or 4, or 5; they’re free, you know), and comment below with your favorite line from the book. I’ll select one lucky winner to receive the very first signed copy of the print edition, as well as the digital version.

After all, you can never have too many fans. Or pictures of cats.

Buy some books. This kind of beauty doesn't come cheap!
Buy some books. This kind of beauty doesn’t come cheap!

So what are you waiting for?

Buy My Books!

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