Intensifying Panic

Apart from several hours of not trying to yell at people on the phone (operative word being “trying”), I spent the majority of yesterday revising the “final” proofs of the Terrifying Thing ™.

When three copies of Seasons of Truth were waiting for me at my doorstep Friday evening, I thought “This is it. This is the real thing. I just read through these, sign off, and then I’m done!”

these three proofs

I was not done. I was nowhere near done. All the Clever Things ™ I’d attempted to make the book look better fell flat/exploded in my face/(insert metaphor here), and the Panic ™ swept the happy times away.


It wasn’t really that bad. My words were still my words, and my layout was more or less sound. But holding the book in my over-anxious hands showed me exactly what did and didn’t work, and yesterday was spent putting that all into practice. I also reminded myself that math really does work, and my cleverness had resulted in something less than I had intended.

So, I fixed it. Then fixed it again. And in the process, ended up fixing it some more. I made a new pdf, submitted it for approval, then huddled under my desk for a while until the shaking stopped.

Or I finished my glass of wine–I’m a little fuzzy on that part. But it’s definitely fixed-ish, so now’s a good a time as any to let everyone know that Seasons of Truth: Summer just went free in the kindle store.


We’re just a couple weeks away from the big event, and I just reviewed a digital proof. Just two small changes (perhaps three), then I’ll put in an initial order. And most likely buy another bottle of scotch.

Because reasons.

So hey, why not help me crawl out from under the desk, and

Buy My Books!

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