Set ‘Em Up, Knock ‘Em Down!

audiomanSo I spent yesterday compiling files for the ebook version of Seasons of Truth. This is somewhat important to do, since people are already asking for them, and I’d like to start losing money on it as soon as possible.

I’m funny like that.

To be fair, I expect I’ll make money on e-books, sooner or later. Everything I spent last year on the individual e-novellas is a sunk cost, and most of it rolled into the money pit that is the collected print edition. Now it’s just time and patience, things I have in great supply.

What I don’t have is oomph. When I say I spent yesterday on the project, I mean that other than a few hours at the cantina, when I woke up in the morning I fixed myself breakfast and started working, and stopped a bit after midnight with two damn fine looking ebooks. Part of that was walking back some graphical trickery, but the bulk of the time was spent laboriously rebuilding the file in an e-reader format, after having spent a month massaging it into a print-ready manuscript.

And I did the same thing today.

For those of you who think this is a push-button process, it’s not. Even with the shortcuts I use, it takes time and a ridiculous attention to detail to get right.

And because of the PANIC™, I’m fairly sure that I didn’t.

So I’m walking away for a few days. Now that my indenture to KDP is up, I’ve lowered the cost of the individual Seasons to their original prices. The new file has been posted to amazon, and sooner or later will go live. I’ve linked the collected edition with the print copy, and registered Seasons of Truth on the ACX exchange in an attempt to get myself the Awesomest Audiobook Ever™.*

(*Just kidding, Allyson Johnson. You’ll always be my favorite)

Then comes the next phase of the madness, making sure that the book gets everywhere I want it to be. it means jumping through a few more hoops, but my hope is that by the end of May I can get back to writing new stuff again, hopefully something for Allyson to sink her vocal chops into.

Stay tuned, true believers. And don’t forget to

Buy my Books!


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