So, About That…

IMG_1140 So I’ve been silent in this space for a while, but I’ve also been a bit busy. This summer I released two mobile games, several major content updates, did a bit of writing, ran a successful Kickstarter campaign, hovered around the Clarion West class of 2015, read several times in public from Seasons of Truth, attended the World Science fiction Convention in Spokane, WA, joined the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, and taught myself to lay out books.


But it’s this last item that moves me to write today. Over the last week, I’ve immersed myself in different varieties of layout software, spurred in part by the upcoming paperback release of my novel Homefront. (By the way, it’s totally coming out in paperback next month. And the Hardback is on sale as well, for those who don’t want to wait.)

I’m happy with the look and feel of my earlier efforts in bringing Seasons of Truth to physical form, but I want my books to play well together. I want it a lot. And with this in mind I’ve spent the last week teaching myself various tricks for faking what is a real profession for real professionals. In part because this will not be the last book I self-publish, but in whole because I really, really wanted to Get It Right (TM).

There’s nothing wrong with the books I’ve been promoting, selling, and giving away this summer. Far from it. But moving to a smaller book size allows me to not only refine my skills, it re-immerses me in the world so that I can finish book 2 of The Hunters Chronicle and get it into the hands of my editors sooner rather than later. And since I’ve so far spent nine months of 2015 not releasing a new book, time is running out for me to do so.

So that’s me. Short and sweet, I’m working, working on myself, and working on the next books of both series (part of my busytimes this summer was roughing out a plot for the next book in the Transgenic Wars).

So hey. If you’ve been wondering where I am and what I’m up to, there you have it.

More posts soon, I almost promise. Mostly.

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