Thrice Upon a Time

So last time I wrote, it was about the first steps in resurrecting my novel HOMEFRONT from the dead. Last night I took the next one, posting up the three books of what I’m now calling “The Homefront Trilogy” for pre-order on

It was terrifying. This was the most author-y thing I’ve had to do in some time, and I was so worried I’d screw it up I almost deleted a reference folder in my dropbox, which would have made for a much different conversation today.

But aside from some minor missteps, I got the job done, and for those of you asking when I’ll have a new book for you to read, you are officially on notice.

Temporary covers, temporary files, but very real release dates, and a special promotional price to boot! These three books will be electronic-only for a few months, while my cover magician(s) and I work up the final specifications.

So it’s time to build a little buzz, and the best way I know of to do that is to give stuff away FOR FREE. So while supplies last, you can get the complete HOMEFRONT ebook as a free download from my online store.

Get one for yourself, send one to a friend. Do whatever you do with electronic books, I won’t judge. But what I would like/love you to do afterward is leave a review on amazon, share this post, the store link, the preorder links, whatever you can think of to spread the word about my latest release. This is my official beg letter, and if we all pull together, I shouldn’t have to do another of these for at least a month!

More in a couple days. Happy New Year, everyone!

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