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My friend, Hugo Award winning Artist, writer and man about town Frank Wu (he’s the one below who is not me), posts this thought exercise.

Take us out to the ballgame

What was the last CD you ever bought? The first?
What was the last LP you ever bought? (and how many of you out there have never, ever bought an LP?) The first?
The last 45 you ever bought? The first?
The last album on cassette? The first?
Have you ever owned an 8-track?
What was the last (and first) movie you ever got on VHS? DVD?


Last was The Crystal Method, Vegas

First was actually three disks. Oingo Boingo, Dead Man’s Party, The Best of Kansas, and The Sound of Movies, a compilation of movie themes done by Allen Toussaint.

Span is 1991 to two weeks ago


Last was Mister Mister, welcome to the real world. It was a gift for my mother.

First was Elvis

Span was 1976 to 1986

Really hard to Judge this one, since to be fair I have to count the records that came packaged with books and other products int he way that cd-roms are now packages as additional content.

Last was Winston Churchill’s Speech on his 80th birthday, in an issue of National Geographic that I bought specifically for this inclusion.

I can’t remember whether I got the Star Trek Animated series episode, Yesteryear, or the Legend of Pecos Bill first.

The span is ~1977 to 1988.

Casette tape:

Last: Iron Eagle Soundtrack, for $2 from a yard sale

First: Elton John, Rock of the Westies and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, both from a yard sale for $1 each

In an odd bit of symmetry, I found all three of these albums this afternoon while I was cleaning my office.

1981 – 1994. I made a full time switch to CDs in 1995, and only picked up assorted singles after that.

I have owned may 8 tracks, Portable 8 track players, console stereos, car stereos and reel-to-reel players. I bought my last one sometime in High-School, it was a compilation of Glen Campbell hits. Couldn’t tell you the first, it was somewhere in the 70s


My mother and I stole/copied/archived tapes from the rentals, so we didn’t buy a lot. When we did, it was stuff we knew we’d never see on cable, from which we also cribbed a bunch of stuff. When I left home for the second time in 95, we had about 800 tapes, of about 3 movies each, as well as lots and lots of tv shows we’d recorded, including Star trek, b5, Doctor who, etc.

Last direct purchase was The Special Edition Star Wars Trilogy, in 1997.

First was three movies in 1983, Ming Attacks the Earth, His Girl Friday, and a double feature of Metropolis and Things to Come

DVD is very easy to catalog, see for yourself.

Latest: Heroes, Season 1 (HD-DVD) July 2008

First, Spring 2000.

Not on the list, but also in here at the temple of Technology are my Laserdiscs.

Latest: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Deluxe edition (Spring 2008)

First: An American Tale: Feivel Goes West; Tiny Toons Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation; and Star Trek: Generations (Spring 2000).

I haz a sickness, and I likez it.

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