Happy Anniversary

One year ago tomorrow, I ended primary deceleration and entered secondary burn

I weighed 174 lbs.

364 days later, I weigh 179 lbs.

Day 12 is upon me. And for the life of me, I’m ready to go right back on again.

This morning, I had a bowl of oatmeal, 2 cups of tea, a big glass of water, and about 6 oz of that pudding/custard I prepared but did not use a few weeks ago. I’m not overly happy with it, I don’t think it froze all that well. I still want to put it into a Chocolate cake, so I’ll probably bake one up tomorrow.

In the last year, I got as high up as 190 lbs, and as low as 164. It creeps on gradually, and since I’ve been sick for most of those 12 months, I’m pretty damn happy about the end of the line.

I’ve also worn pretty much exactly the same clothes the entire time. The high end of the scale was a pretty well-muscled me, I worked out extensively while on the road, and partied pretty hard on top of that. Dancing and working out have kept me right around 180 for the last 6 months, with the occasional weekend shooting me up to the high mark. Almost every time, a day of re-hydration will drop me at least 3 lbs.

I don’t think I’ll go back to 164. I could, though, and it makes me feel happy. In the last week, a few more friends and others have taken a stab at the Plan, and I’ll be right here in the trenches with them on a new menu, come Monday. I’m trying the new interface out, wherein I pick one from column A and one from Column B. Or rather, up to 15 from A, and 15 from B. There are just too many things on there I know I would abuse, and the fish options aren’t really to my liking.

So in reality, the new menu looks a lot like the Standard one, with a few notable exceptions.

Fewer sandwiches, and no hamburgers. No ground turkey, no omelettes (with sausage optional).

However, Frozen Yogurt. Frozen Freaking YOGURT! And more fruit. And Sausage all by itself.

I also now have the option to combine different food types at a meal. And Chicken is there for me, now multiple times a day (probably taking the place of the Ground Turkey, which happened a lot on the Standard menu)


But no corn. Goodbye, polenta. I’ll miss you. In response, I will totally eat you for lunch today.

So, next week I’ll be posting up some more menus. If you are, or have been interested in the plan, I started an LJ community. Drop me a line, and I’ll add you in. Our online support network is already working well, and it allows discussion that sometimes doesn’t belong here on the main site.

Peace out.

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