It’s a good sign

That the laundry room will be open when you have to battle through cobwebs to get down the stairs.


In other news, the summer sickness continues, today with nasty sore throat. All joints hurt, and my abbreviated Oatmeal was a near thing. Sounds like the perfect night to play cards, yes it does.

I have completed another cycle, and this mornings weigh in shows a surprise -11 from last Tuesday, the “real” total.

Well how about that.

I could do without the stomach flu, though. Yes, yes I can.

I got a surprising amount of sleep this morning, nearly 10 hours in two shifts. Now I know the sickness has me full in its thrall. Given that the previous record for the week was 4, I’m taking this as a good sign.

First comments are coming back on B.1, and they are generally what I was expecting. This week I’ve also been working on a setting for another book, and I have most of the major characters set out already. I’m putting this one on the work files section next to the Space Opera outline, but this might be my NaNoWriMo attempt for the year.

Next week begins the third and final pass at B.1, so if you have a copy extant, I’d appreciate comments as soon as you can get them to me. I plan to submit to the target market before the end of the month.

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