Quick up to the date

Still settling back in to my own life after many days as a guest and tourist, but there’s always time to write.


This weekend, in the midst of networking, eating, drinking, and general lookyloo-ing, I indeed found time to do so. On Saturday, I hammered through a new piece of short fiction, which should begin circulating this month. And Sunday was the first of November, and it was time to write.


Day 1 saw 3700 words in several sessions , and day 2 saw 2700 in one.

Tomorrow is Day 3, and also Day 1, as such things are numbered on the other schedule I need to get back to, the losing of weight. This year has been especially hard, with the lack of permanent employment, the bread addiction, and the overall meh. Writing has been a lot easier than reducing, but both need to happen this month.

So it will.

That’s all for now, as yet another schedule needs maintenance, that which controls my sleep.

Wish me luck.

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