Writing for the weekend

So in the last two days, I may well have written more words about writing than I’ve officially commited to the page.

1100 and change on Thursday, and 700 in one 30 minute sprint after a quite excellent dinner with my friends Shelly, Mark and Kij Friday night.

After waking up (or rather, giving up on the concept after a few hours) with a very clear plan of the next 20k or so words Thursday morning, the excuse fairy came to visit me, leaving behind a host of reasons to do other things like watch movies, do laundry, and go shopping for groceries.

Well, fooey. The 700 just now flowed fast and free, and I really should be continuing it instead of writing more about how I was writing less.

Bright and early tomorrow, I’ll be baking bread and continuing the process. Just starting this section, getting the words out of my brain into a “permanent” format is a relief.

There should be some measure of restful sleep tonight, after which more words, more progress, and more internets.

43k and climbing. Now giving serious thought about where to sell it over the winter, assuming I find an agent to help it grow and prosper.

A topic for another time. Punjab just pulled Annie off the bridge, Rooster’s in custody, and the sun might just come out tommorow.

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