It has begun…

This morning, my employer En Masse Entertainment announced sign-ups for Beta tests on our new game, TERA. It’s been a crazy, eventful two years of my life to bring the game to this, and I though I might recap some of my online events in a post.

In early 2010, I was engaged as a Story Consultant, and did a lot of quick writing bits in addition to working on plots and questlines. In a way, it was very similar to the work I did on AION, but the “feel” of the work was a lot different for me. I was more involved, more a part of the creative process, and I think it shows in my work. Here’s some short fiction from that period you may enjoy.

Vekas, the Wicked Tree

The High Elves

An Aman Among Men

The next few links relate to an interview my Senior Producer Brian Knox and I did with ZAM, an online games news source. I just found out they’ve named TERA one of the most important games of 2012, and now so can you

Part 1
Part 2

But the interviews didn’t stop there. This next link is to a podcast I did with our lead writer Dave Noonan, and writer Stacey Janssen. Both of them worked on AION in similar capacities, but I have the great privilege to call them both friends and colleagues in other parts of my life. Dave is a fellow Wizards of the Coast/TSR Alumnus, all three of us worked on the Internet Review of Science Fiction, and Stacey (whom we call Frank around the office) is the Managing Editor of Shimmer

Bow Down to US

Another interview, this time with

Post-PAX Q&A

Next up, more short fiction that landed at again. I particularly liked this one, but one of the commenters thinks it was translated from Korean. Go Figure.

Dancing with Demons

Hot on the heels of thaat story, another interview, this time with

As regards the Mystic

And here’s a piece I wrote with fellow WoTC alum Brian Campbell that took a while to find the right place. As it turns out, its with our freinds at once more

Gods of TERA

In December of 2010, I transitioned from a full-time writer to my current position as a Game Analyst. Here’s some essays on the game we’ve put up since then

Redefining the party

And just in case you were wondering what it is a Game Analyst does,

Meet the TERA team : Game Testers

The absolute biggest project I’ve worked on for En Masse Entertainment (so far) is TERA‘s comprehensive Game Guide. While I don’t claim every word on those pages as my own, the lion’s share of the content came from the keyboards of myself and my team. If you want an insight as to the creative process involved in something like this, I also prepared another developer’s blog post on the subject.

So that’s it up through April of 2012. TERA launches May 1st, and I’ll leave this page live so I can update it should more online goodness come out. And remember that link waaay at the top of the page? You should totally click on it.

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